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 Newsletter coverage:

Les Senteurs – Summer Newsletter 2011 – “For a crisp day time fragrance here at Les Senteurs, try a  brand-new cologne which is typically British: Askett and English  present Essential Cologne and Absolute Cologne, designed and made among the rolling green hills of the Chilterns. Refreshing, subtle and reflecting every nuance from the centuries-old cologne tradition this pair of scents are perfect for wear at any time of day, for ladies and gentlemen alike. Essential is superbly light and refreshing: a memory of lemon groves and cedar wood. Absolute is a heady drift of neroli blended with fragrant woods and mosses. This is a personal favourite of Elizabeth Hawksley, founder of Les Senteurs and is a satisfying alternative for all the poor souls who were waiting for deliveries of Acqua di Genova to appear in the UK”. 

Quintessentially – Newsletter December 27th 2011 – “Artisan English perfumer Askett & English brings the evocative scent of summers spent in France and Italy with two elegant perfumes that have been making waves in select retailers and perfumeries, appealing to both men and women.

“Essential” is a fresh and citrusy fragrance, fresh with lemon, bergamot and herbs, with middle notes of lavender and jasmine, deepening into a base of tonka, cedar and vetiver. “Absolute” similarly opens with a sprightly burst of citrus, with mandarin and bergamot enhanced with tea, cardamom and the sweet hints of basil. Orange blossom and rose provide a floral heart, rounded out with musk and amber. Each scent is complex, layered and takes on new dimensions as you wear it through the day, making for an individual and sophisticated olfactory experience.

Previously available only at specialist UK perfumeries like Les Senteurs and Roullier White, Askett & English is now appearing at Hong Kong concept store Kapok. “Essential” and “Absolute” are both priced at HKD 810 for 100ml”.


Amazing PR – Blog December 27th 2011 – “Every year since I turned 15, my family always gives the women a bottle of their favourite fragrance for their birthday. Year after year I would see my family get the same fragrance and I never understood why. I would always want new fragrances each year because as the saying goes, the more the merrier! I never thought I would find that one scent that I wanted to claim as my own, that was until I smelt the sublime fragrance of Askett & English Absolute”.


Scent-and-Sensibility – Blog February 1st 2012 – "Understated and elegant, these fragrances speak of summer evenings in the garden; long, leisurely lunches eaten under under the shade of a parasol; a beautifully tailored suit. Tasteful and refined, with a wonderful presence, made to be sprayed with abandon.

Askett Absolute has notes of mandarin, bergamot, tea, cardamon, basil, orange blossom, rose, musk and amber. Sharp and fresh, with a lovely resinous dry-down. Askett Essential contains lemon, bergamot, aromatic herbs, lavender, jasmine, tonka, cedar and vetiver. It is citrus and herbal, with a wonderful soft, mossy dry-down".


now smell this – Blog February 29th 2012 – "Absolute opens with ‘bergamot tea,’ lightly sweetened and clean. A zingy orange blossom-basil combo appears in mid-development. (I do detect a rose note, not at all soft or feminine but clear and “ripe.”) Absolute ends with a slightly floral, sheer wood accord (let’s call it “summer amber”). Overall, Absolute reminds me of a ‘sweeter’ Tom Ford Neroli Portofino (a likeable, well-done citrus fragrance with a too-huge ego, $195 for 50 ml, really?)

Essential opens with an abundance of sour/tart citrus aromas (accent on the rind, not the juice). Mixed with the citrus is a bright, green ‘moss’ note (sharper than expected); jasmine is a background accent. Essential ends with a flower-tinged moss-vetiver accord. Essential smells like an old-style citrus scent (think Eau de Guerlain), the type of Eau de Cologne made before moss was slandered, flowers were diluted, and awful ozone and “mentholated” sport fragrance notes appeared.

I enjoy Askett Absolute and Askett Essential; if I didn’t have way too many Eaux de Cologne in my collection, I’d buy one (probably Absolute). Each fragrance is unisex and has good lasting power (five hours) and sillage.


Bown's Bespoke – Independent review March 26th 2012 – "Indeed, when I first encountered Essential I was taken aback that its particular fragrance could awaken within me the most intense remembrance of happy times past".

Please see the full article which is both enjoyable and entertaining, via the link below:


I Scent You A Day - Blog August 13th 2013 - "If You like O de Lancome or Eau Dynamisante, you’ll love this. It’s an Eau de Cologne with lasting power, and it smells heavenly.  Opening notes are Lemon and Bergamot, and middle notes are Lavender and Jasmine. Base notes are Woodier, with Oakmoss, Vetiver and Cedar. The base notes particularly remind me of O de Lancome with’s its Zingy opening and green, prickly base.

Primarily, the Lime comes through stronger than anything, which is lucky, since I love Lime. It’s sparkling: almost like a gin and tonic. You can imagine the bubbles and the ice cubes in a frosty cold glass.

It smells quintessentially English: as English  as cricket whites and tea roses and honey for tea.  It’s not clear if it’s directed at men or women, but it matters not at all. This would smell excellent on either".